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>> 2008-07-08: flimmercasten, episode 3: last preparations

In the third episode of “flimmercasten” you can see the final arrangements shortly before the shoot. Also an understating producer sending his team members five storeys into a superheated attic. The disposition orders for the crew members and actors were prepared and the director is getting more and more excited.

>> 2008-07-01: flimmercasten, episode 2: casting and location-scouting

Episode 2 of “flimmercasten” shows the casting and location-scouting we´ve done. We casted our main actor at his school, performing a school play and standing out in the crowd right from the beginning. The search for the location was not as easy as planned, but we found some solutions.

>> 2008-06-24: flimmercasten, episode 1: introduction

Episode 1 of “flimmercasten” is online. This vodcast shows movie productions in all stages and talks to the creators. The forthcoming episodes are featuring our short movie. In this episode director Sören Schaller is talking about the shoot at the film location.

have a look and comment on flimmercasten.de and flimmercasten on vimeo

>> 2008-06-23: blog

our blog is online, all featured videos, news and impressions will appear there

a movie by Sören Schaller


vodcast “flimmercasten” feat. Vom Himmel. /episode 3